Welcome to Go-How

Go-How is the professional website sharing knowledge, news, and sometimes random thoughts on transport planning compiled by Dr Hannah Budnitz, Research Associate in Urban Mobility at the Transport Studies Unit, University of Oxford.

My blogs and tweets shown on Go-How are my views alone, but are inspired by:

  • My current research into parking, electric vehicles, and associated social-psychological and theoretical frameworks;
  • My previous research into irregular, flexible travel behaviours, online accessibility, and commuters’ reactions to weather risks and disruption;
  • My role as former Chair of the Transport Planning Network and long-time member of the Royal Town Planning Institute, pursuing better integration between transport and land use planning;
  • My general interest in the potential of transport planning to tackle climate change, and improve public health and well-being, by applying both innovation and common sense;
  • Social media and conference content on current topics in transport planning;
  • The obscure world of data analytics and technology diffusion; and
  • Related research, reviews and case studies

Successful transport planning is built upon an understanding of the many varied ways people choose to and are able to travel through space and the interactions between them. My role as a transport planner is to make a positive impact on these choices and abilities. Please see About HD Budnitz for more information.

1 thought on “Welcome to Go-How

  1. You might find some interesting content at the Innovative Transportation Technologies website.
    Link is http://faculty.washington.edu/jbs/itrans It provides information, illustrations and videos on more than 100 innovative systems and concepts from around the world.

    Best regards,

    Jerry Schneider
    Prof. Emeritus, U of Washington, Seattle
    Civil Engineering and Urban Planning

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