About HD Budnitz


My passion for transport planning is a product of my belieft in its potential to shape our neighbourhoods and improve our quality of life.

Following my doctoral research in travel behaviour, internet accessibility and weather resilience at the University of Birmingham, I am now working at the Transport Studies Unit at the University of Oxford, investigating a business model for ‘home’ charging of electric vehicles in public car parks. I’m enjoying developing my ability and understanding of survey design, social-psychological analysis, and stated preference modelling. This both contrasts to and complements the skills I gained during my doctoral studies, which introduced me to coding in R to conduct spatial and statistical analysis of a variety of big data sources, as well as the conceptual framework of space-time geography and dynamic accessibility. The diversity of transport planning research certainly keeps the mind active and engaged, and I’m working on adding to my publications and deriving impact from my research. A copy of my full CV is available here.

As former Chair of the Royal Town Planning Institute’s Transport Planning Network, and long-time professional member, I continue to apply an integrated perspective to spatial and transport planning, and have also researched the role of telecommunications in this trio that determines accessiblity and travel behaviour. I also remain involved in professional transport planning circles through conferences, events, and articles in professional publications. I continue to learn and share my experiences and expertise with enthusiasm through my blog on this website and on Twitter. All views expressed through these social media are my own.

I also aim to practice what I preach as a proud pedestrian, a practical cyclist, a regular public transport user, and a reluctant car driver.

1 thought on “About HD Budnitz

  1. Hi there, Enjoyed your School run article in The Planner, the magazine re-tweeted my comment too..! I can relate to your mission; I have done my bit in the car driving ‘figures of eight’ twice a day getting four children to schools….. But I have met my youngest from the local primary on my horse. With some further alterations, my boys could walk back home through the fields in Summer (took ages and rather cancelled out the Carbon saving by the washing machine doing extra time..) and even now they have grown and flown, I walk the Welsh hills for fun. I am embroiled in a planning project (a tad pioneering) and taking on illogical parish councillors (who never walk anywhere…). The waiting for the SoS’s determination is a killer, so a good stomp with my hound keeps me sane. Keep up the good work. Best wishes. Seona Lightfoot.

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