My Business Go-How

People often blog about how things are going for them. But I am a transport planner and I simply blog about how things are going.

I am about to begin a new career adventure as a freelance transport planner, and I’d like to introduce my new company. Yes, I know it’s just me, but I thought it would still be worth having a business name. It’s taken a lot of thought and then there’s finding a domain name that is available and something that isn’t trademarked in my industry…

So I’m going with Go-How.


Transport planning is the Geography Of HOW. It is a social science that complements the geography of where created by town planners and developers and the geography of what is available from transport operators and or chosen by individual consumers. It is the discipline that deciphers how we move around, travel to and from different places for different purposes, how we go. And I know a lot about how we go.

Meanwhile, instead of just writing about my go-how, I will be trying to sell it. Therefore, I will be offering a variety of services to GO, such as:

  • Advice on the policies and regulations of Government Oversight;
  • Assistance with bidding for Grant Opportunities;
  • Gauging Options for business cases and appraisals;
  • Monitoring projects to evaluate success and Gain Outcomes;
  • Generating Overarching strategies for neighbourhood accessibility;
  • Recommendations on how sustainable travel projects and services can Grow Organically;
  • Implementing innovations to Get Optimal modal splits for travel planning; and
  • Developing travel incentive schemes to Give Offers to participants.

I hope to have it all good to go in the next couple weeks, but I dispense with silly acronym suggestions for the main pages of my website,, as this blog becomes a subsidiary page, useful for a personal take or a bit of comic relief, but no longer the focus.


Although my words tend to be playful, my purpose is serious: to deliver professional, independent transport planning to discerning clients who can make good use of my knowledge and experience. I also hope to continue to work on projects and for organisations I can believe in. I want my work to have a tangible impact, something I have been fortunate enough to achieve in the past as an employee, but it may be asking a lot to continue to do so.

In the modern employment market, there are many jobs without the benefit of an end result. I am a one-woman band with limited time free from caring for my children. Can I expect to deliver more than a supporting report here and there? I hope so. And of course, I have yet to try to win some paid work for myself in the first place.

If I achieve success by my modest measures, by the way, I may not have time to write two blogs a month. Or maybe I’ll be writing blogs on things I get paid for…

No, I’m jumping ahead. I might have plenty of go-how, but I can’t yet predict how things will go.

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