Moving On

I haven’t felt this moody since I was a teenager. Then I wrote poetry. So for this post, I’ve decided to do so again.



This week’s had two events for me.

First a birthday without note,

Then closed doors, closed minds; can I close my heart

To the outcome of the vote?


A summer ago I left my job

And chose to take a chance

To better balance family

By finding new projects free-lance.


No clients, no fees came my way.

I considered giving up.

Yet opportunities unsought appeared.

I thought I was in luck.


A professional Chair was secured,

And a studentship won

One child learned to read and one to speak;

A mother’s work well-done.


Then to this uncertain weather,

A nation now divided;

Whilst a transport planner’s role’s defined

By connections she’s provided.


So what is next for one who makes

Movement healthy, safe and free?

We can’t move anymore, but can we move on

When anger won’t let us be?

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